Protect your coins

I have heard many stories of theft and break-ins. And is it just me or I am hearing a dramatic increase of these stories to the point that California is almost lawless.   I can only hope things change in the future and the penalties for these offensives increase to the point of being a real deterrent. It goes without saying that individuals should seek professionals to guide them through the following points. I can help with coin questions or evaluations for insurance.   Remember that most home owners insurance does not automatically cover coin collections, so speak to your agent to confirm.

Unfortunately, nothing is fail safe and any system of security can be defeated. All we can do is try to slow down the progress of those who rather use their energy for crime.   From the over 100 stories of home or business burglary, the number one deterrent is a working alarm that sounds off when tripped.   Many times an alarm will stop the burglary in its tracks or at least minimize loss and limit the time of the crime.   Of course, a response is needed so double check that call list.
In addition to having a working alarm it can be good to have a big heavy safe.  If it is possible to bolt the safe down, do it professionally.   If getting a big safe, they are no joke and can be dangerous. Be cautious and consult with a an experienced professionals to install.   Many smaller safes and wall units will simply be ripped out or picked up and taken if the burglar has enough time.

Be cautious on giving people access to your house and knowing locations of a safe. Be discrete on broad casting vacation schedules off and online. Rethink ordering gold, silver, coins and precious metals online, you are leaving a digital trail – consider a USPS PO Box for a delivery address. Split up valuables in different safes and or locations.   Make a list of valuables, especially anything that can identified by a serial number.   Take photographs of coin collections and the albums and holders and store separate.   Consider having a safety deposit box at a bank.

I hope these tips from my experience is helpful and can help someone avoid a future loss.

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