Collecting Lincoln Cents

Most of us who collect coins first started with Lincoln Cents. Many reading this today may have an old blue Whitman coin album lying around. Lots of 1941-1958 albums are full when they come in the shop, with most of the coins being in used condition. A used 1941-1958 set is more or less a novelty item in used condition. We sell a used complete set of coins from 1941-1958 for under $10. An uncirculated set must be evaluated to determine price.

Many aren’t so lucky when it comes to completing the 1909-1940 set, as this set is typically missing the rarities. The early rare dates include the 1909-S VDB, 1909-S, 1914-D, 1922 Plain (generally there is no space for this coin), and the 1931-S. Few full 1909-1940 blue Whitman album, punch in type, has ever come in the shop with the correct coins filled in every hole. The main reason for this is that many rare coins are now certified and/or housed in better quality albums. Dansco makes the most popular premium album for the modern collector and the album offers protection for both sides of a coin. It is interesting to note that there are collectors that do crack out certified coins and stick the certification label on the back page of their album. I cannot recommend cracking out any coin from a certification holder; but it does come down to personal preference when it comes to enjoying a coin collection. For those thinking of completing a Lincoln set or starting a new one I am available to consult on the effort and strongly advise getting started. A nice set of Lincolns can be put together depending on major varieties for a few thousand. For fun, blue Whitman albums can still be purchased for a few dollars and modern coins can be collected from change on the cheap

By Troy Thoreson

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